Fall Trend Alert: Texturing & Layering

Fall is coming, and I for one am excited! I live for cozy sweatshirts, bonfires, leaf piles, and hot cider. Another great aspect of seasons, is changing your interior to fit. Fall mean layers and you can use elements to add layers to your home to prepare for the colder months! Check out my checklist below on tips for layering with texture and colors.

  1. Add blankets// Blankets are so nice to wrap up in, in the cold months, but they can also be an easy decorating tool. If you have darker colors in a room, buy a cream knit throw to drape over the furniture. If you aim for the white linen feel, find a deeper hue blanket to add some color and warmth in your room for the cold season.

knit blanket

2. Thick Rugs// Now everyone knows I love rugs, but in the summer they can add too much carpeting and heat when you want things to be cool. Now that it’s cooling down, look for some fuzzy rugs that feel good on your feet! My personal favorite is the natural sheepskin rugs, and you can find them at one of my fave’s, IKEA!



3. Textile wall art (aka macrame wall hangings)// For the boho hippie in all of us these macrame wall hangings are easy DIY projects and add a thick, full, colorful element to the wall. I love seeing more dimension on walls other than photos or art. These wall hangings add a free spirit to the room and can be made in so many different patterns and colors.



Design Tip of the Day (#2)

Hey Y’all! Here’s your  next design tip of the day!

PS: I’m not from the south– I just really like to say y’all! I mean who doesn’t right?!

Tip of the day: Utilize Plant Life

Whenever you’re at a loss for decor options whether large or small- buy a plant! I’m currently obsessed with the succulent/cacti trend. They’re easy to maintain and add elements to the room in so many different ways.

Bringing nature indoors is totally in this season so let your green thumb fly! Just watch out for those cactus spikes!

cacti succ

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Design Tip of the Day (#1)

So I decided I’m going to start a tip of the day and I cannot promise it will be every day because I don’t know if I have that many tips yet!

Tip #1: Embrace your style

You may have a quirky, colorful sense of style or be super traditional and that is totally okay. It’s your home- decorate it how you want.

Here are some pictures of my favorite styles right now..

  1. Herringbone wood floors- a 70’s mix on a beautiful classic has me obsessed!


2. All white linens (insert heart emoji here)

white bed

3. Pineapple art. My current kitchen day dreams include lots of gold pineapple art- it’s trendy, and adds a fun element to the room


Gold and Arrows

Well, this is my first official post and I’m so excited! As I embark into this adventure of design and pursuing my dreams I must explain where the name came from.

First off, I love gold. I accent gold with EVERYTHING. You will never find me wearing silver and I rarely decorate with it (obviously if someone loves silver I will oblige). Gold to me means boldness. It always stands out on an outfit, or in a room, and I want to stand out among the crowd. I strive to be a complete, unique individual. Second, I picked the word arrow. I have a tattoo of an arrow on my right lower forearm, as you can see below. I’ve had a rough past, but I work hard to not let it own me. I don’t want to be a victim of my past. I also shoot bow and arrow for fun so they have special meaning in my life for multiple reasons. Arrows, when you pull them back on a bow have no choice but to shoot forward. When you let go of the bow string they go soaring into the unknown, fearless- that’s how I want to live my life. So out of those I got Gold + Arrow Designs.

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer!

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