Christmas DIY//

With Christmas on the way, it means it’s colder for most of us and there is more time spent indoors. When is there a better time to take out our craft skills and do some fun, Christmas Do-It-Yourself projects? Try one or all of these wonderful options out  next time you’re bugged about nothing being on the TV!

I’ve searched for 5 of my favorites options, that are both easy and festive. I’ve also tried to make sure I’ve picked the least tacky of all the options, we want our decor to look classy right?! Enjoy! And let me know if you try any! I know I’m going to!


  1. Mason Jar Snow Globes

These make great gifts, or something fun to set on a shelf or end table as a Christmas decoration. Obviously, they’re also fun to play and imagine with as the “snow” swirls around!

DIY Snow Globe


2. Glitter Deer Head 

Black, gold, cream, and glitter? What is not to love! You could do this with any colors of your choosing, but it’s sure to impress guests and loved ones!

Glitter Deer Head


3. Pine Cone Wreath

I think this is the perfect simple, neutral wreath for your door! You can add ribbon to it or paint the pine cones. The great part is, if you keep it neutral you can keep it up for the entire winter season!

pine cone wreath.jpg!&utm_campaign=20141215_m123578497_RSS+Feed+for+http://lovegrowswild_com/feed/&utm_term=DIY+Pinecone+Wreath&


4. Handmade, decorative Christmas Tree’s

These are perfect to create for a mantle, shelves, side tables, desks, or any other place you could think to place them. They can add to your decor or be the main staple! Plus they’re so easy!

handmade trees.jpg


5. Christmas Garland

There are so many options for Christmas Garland, but I found this wonderful tutorial on this adorable, easy “Merry Christmas” banner to use for garland, and it’s a must try!


A Heart of Gratitude//

In this season of Thanksgiving I’ve been learning a lot. As Chris and I prepare to embark into the greatest adventure of our lives, getting married and starting our own little two person, and one four legged fluff ball family, I have a lot to be thankful for, but a lot of challenges face us as well.

What I am learning is to truly be thankful for the hard stuff. For the stuff that challenges us, shapes us, and honestly sometimes makes us feel like we can’t take much more. Why you ask would I be thankful for that? Well, how else can we continue to grow as human beings? Everything that happens in our lives is to shape us, to prepare us for new seasons, and to remember that God is so, so good.

So here is a list of the 10 things I’m so very thankful for this season in the midst of these thoughts.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! 🙂


  1. My loving, handsome fiance


2. My supportive, wonderful family

fam jam

3. God’s promises


4. My fluffy, lovable pup, Millie


5. The Dominican, it’s people, and how they’ve shaped me


6. My wonderful friends, who are more like family (many not pictured)


7. My struggles, and my beautiful, unfinished story


8. My goofiness and reason to find joy in the every day


9. Nature, this world, and the adventures it gives us

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

10. This wonderful blog, and anyone who follows it! It’s a pleasure to share my passions and ideas with you all. Never forget to believe in yourself and the treasures that God has given you!


Turkey Day Decor//

I know, I know, I already posted for Christmas, but let’s take a step back to this week’s holiday, Thanksgiving! Now, I’ve never been the biggest fan of Thanksgiving for many reasons, but I do love my family, and I’m very thankful! I just love Christmas more, so sorry not sorry for jumping the gun!

When it comes to thanksgiving there isn’t much decorating like Christmas requires, but the main event is the dining table! There are so many options to use for the main center pieces for a Thanksgiving table, and of course I’ve rounded up my faves!

Check these out, and wow the in-laws coming to your table! Never hurts to rack up bonus points!


  1. White, White, White

You all knew I’d have a clean, white option! I love these white pumpkins and antlers. I’m from a hunting family, so these antlers would be the perfect addition to our table!



2. Plaid

I love this plaid, rustic table look. It has simplicity and festivity all wrapped together. Plus, plaid makes everything cozier, and after that turkey you’ll need some “cozy”.



3. Nature meets Modern

I stumbled across this photo and it just grabbed me, of course because of the gold, but also because of all the beautiful greenery! Who would have thought to make the center out of moss?! Brilliant! With all the greenery and gold and creams it’s the perfect balance to suit every ones styling needs. Plus, those gold leaf plates, heart eye emoticons!


nature table


4. Turquoise meets Fall

I love turquoise! Shades of it with mint will be in my wedding, and I love this darker turquoise table with the mixture of beautiful fall colors of reds and oranges. It’s the perfect balance of tradition and bold.




5. Gold, Gold, more gold

Of course I was going to have a table decorated in my fave! The burlap and gold is the perfect mix of rustic for the thanksgiving trends, and beautiful glam for a more fancy array. And who doesn’t love a splash of glitter?

gold thanksgiving


6. Purples and Greens

Usually I end with 5 options, but this table was too perfect. I love the dark jewel tones of the purples and golds mixed with the rustic plank board table, and TONS of greens! I’m seriously obsessed with every element on this table, the plates, candles, flowers, wine bottles, ah it’s all perfect!




So here you go! Get inspired and decorate away!


Happy Thanksgiving to you all! 🙂

Christmas Mantles//

Hello everyone! It’s been a week or so, and I’m bursting with Christmas ideas! Unfortunately, I have no place to decorate this year, so I get to enjoy my mother’s beautiful decor, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my own ideas!

I decided to start with the top 5 fireplace mantle ideas I love! Of course you know I love gold, and minimalist style, but I tried to find all different ideas that are just as beautiful as the next!

I hope these inspire some scrooges to get in the Christmas spirit!

35 Days till Christmas! 🙂


  1. Gold and Black

I’m really loving the modern look of gold, black and white. It can be kept simple, or you can glam it up, either way there is not way you can’t love the glamorous Christmas feel it brings!

gold and black

2. White on White

The minimalist in me loves the white on white mantle look. You could even throw in your choice of a metallic or a single color to add a splash of something, but the beautiful winter look of all white really stands out!


all white

3. Country Christmas

Of course for a country Christmas you have to add in some burlap, lots of greens, and red! Obviously, this look is more popular here in good ole Indiana, and it always gives such a homey feeling.



4. Blue Christmas

Another classic, and modern look is the very blue and silver Christmas! Full of beautiful white trees and wintering metallic. I found another twist though with my favorite MINT/TURQUOISE! So I threw in an extra photo of the blue Christmas I’d love to design!




5. A Very Pink Christmas

For all the ladies that ever daydreamed of a pink Christmas, this one is for you! Pink has become another popular color to decorate with and I love this style with the white and gold. It’s very shabby chic with the old vintage window and candlesticks. If you’re living in a house with girl roommates, take your chance now before you have a boy in the house!



Died and Gone to Bed Heaven//

Happy Fri-YAY! 

Anyone that knows me, knows I love my bed. I’m very particular about my bed as well. The sheets must be perfect and comforter laying crisply before I get in it at night. I don’t like to share my bed, although, my puppy has somehow weaseled her way in to my bed realm.

So, for all those weird bed lovers like me, today I have my top 5 favorite beds listed, and why I love each one! Maybe you’ll find some items to add to your Christmas list! 

PS: 49 Days till Christmas! 


You cannot tell me that this bed does not look like a little slice of modern country heaven! Reasons I love this bed:

  1. Of course, the sheepskin blanket! Snuggles galore!
  2. The cove! I love feeling like I’m in a cocoon, and that little cove at the head of the bed is perfect!
  3. The lighting. There is no way you couldn’t become relaxed with that dimmed, romantic lighting.


Do I even need to list the reasons why this looks amazing?! 

  1. Those chandeliers! I think I’d feel like a princess with those as my bedside lamps
  2. The colors. The silver, cream and purples are so majestic, light, and romantic. It’s a bed of fairy tales.
  3. All the tufted pieces. The tufted headboard is such a royal statement, and the bench adds to the modern, romantic feel.


If I had to find a depiction of my perfect bedroom, this photo is it. I want to crawl into that bed and never leave. Reasons I love:

  1. The canopy, perfectly misshapen and boho, yet romantic and whimsical.
  2. The dream-catcher, because we all want beautiful dreams
  3. The bedding. All those soft blankets, and the shades of creams and taupe’s are perfect for relaxing.
  4. The gold canopy posts! The entire room is made up of beautiful neutrals and those gold canopy posts stick out beautifully to add dimension and contrast!


And, for all those more traditional at heart, this is the cutest bedroom! Reasons I love:

  1. The stripes! I love the stripes with the traditional bed frame and neutral pillows!
  2. The adorable, rustic letters! Perfect for a cute newlywed couple!
  3. The talking pillows! I’ve always loved “love” pillows! They add such love and romance to you and your special someone’s sanctuary


I LOVE this bedroom! It’s weird, because I don’t usually love floral bedspreads, but this room is gorgeous. There is nothing more stunning than two decor concepts blending together perfectly. The traditional floral bed sits perfectly against the seemingly modern, neutral brick background. Reasons I love:

  1. The COLOR
  2. The feminine bed side accents and wall photos
  3. The masculinity of the brick with the cream and black shading