Dream Kitchens//

So I’ve been in design idea overload for numerous reasons…

  1. A new design book for Christmas (thank you in-laws!)
  2. Marathon’s of Fixer Upper
  3. Chris and I are house searching
  4. Registries are completed

Needless to say, I am completely overwhelmed with different ideas, but lately I’ve been dreaming about my kitchen.

Our registry is full of aqua blues, golds, silvers, and whites. I’ll be doing an airy, theme with pineapple accents! I’ve already bought two pineapple pieces!

So, here are my top 3 options and ideas for kitchens…

{I realize I have no idea what we’ll be working with, but obviously these are more “dream” than reality}

  1. Gold and Grey

This kitchen is glamorous, light, and beautiful. Here are the key elements…

  • Marble Counter Tops
  • Farmhouse Sink
  • Gold fixtures
  • Gray and Gold cabinets
  • Pineapple accents


2. White, Wood, and Mint

This kitchen is a bit more casual with a splash of mint making it simple, yet colorful.

Key Elements…

  • Butcher block counters
  • Gold handles
  • Open Shelving
  • Mint Subway Tiles for color


3. Mint, Marble, and Copper

This adds my favorite elements from both kitchens to make a glamorous, colorful, yet simple kitchen all in one.

Key Elements…

  • Copper Accents
  • Marble/White counter tops
  • Mint cabinets


Seriously, how am I every going to choose?


Inspiration 101//

What I’ve come to find is we all need our inspiration as designers. We may have our own ideas that we can bring to life, but you still need inspiration and ideas to keep your creative juices flowing.

I follow several different blogs that have design tips, and home tours of other designers. I thought I’d take some time to share my favorites with you!

Check these out and subscribe! Trust me! They won’t bombard you with emails, but you will get some weekly inspiration of pretty, unique styles to implement in your own home.


  1. The Glitter Guide

The Glitter Guide does so many home tours that my creativity is overwhelming after seeing so many beautiful homes! Each one unique to their own style and way of living. Here’s a few pictures of my favorite’s with links as well.





2. Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad’s website is a mix of fashion, dining, primping, and decorating. I love her quick lists of decorating tips or ideas that you can easily replicate. She’s so great at making her DIY’s easy for everyone! Of course, here are a few of my favorites!





3. Style by Emily Henderson

I’ve dedicated an entire blog post to this girl! She rocks! I love her vintage style and her website is the ultimate place for inspiration. My favorite page to explore is her portfolio. All the different homes, styles, and ideas are beautiful and unique. Check some of my faves out!





4. The Haute Mess

The Haute Mess was started by Ashley Tisdale and sometimes I think she might be my spirit animal. I love their quick tips, DIY projects, and style. There’s a great variety for all styles and they’re easy reads so you can get at it!





Enjoy these blogs as you relax over the holiday season! Merry Christmas everyone!




Wedding Planning:The McCafferty’s//

Well, as most of you know I’m currently planning my wedding! I thought I’d give you a glimpse into what I’ve been doing!

I have LOVED the planning process and I’m seriously considering starting a little side business. So if you know of anyone that is challenged in the planning/decorating arena getting married, pass them on to me!

Here are snip its and bits of ideas I’m throwing together in DIY projects and glassware. Only 143 days till we say I do! That’s craziness!


Style: Bohemian, eclectic, modern mix

Colors: Creams, Gold, Mint, and Hot Pink

Location: Parent’s Backyard, Tent wedding

wedding colors

Here’s an example of color scheme, the men will also be wearing navy! 

That’s the exact tutu my sweet cousin will be wearing! I know, adorable! 

Ceremony backdrop ideas


Table Ideas

Odds and ends

I’m so excited about what I’ve put together so far! It’s all coming so quick! Mostly, I’m just ready to marry the man of my dreams! 



Interior Gift Guide//

As Christmas comes days and days closer, I’m sure some of you are scurrying to find the perfect gift for loved ones, teachers, coworkers, the neighbors, etc, etc, etc.  I know! Too many!

Here is a simple list of the top ten interior gifts you can grab all at Target to spread some warmth and cheer and not break the budget! Enjoy!


  1. 25: Adele’s New album, perfect for a music lover


2. Nate Berkus Candle: providing warmth of candle light, and a soothing scent

nate berkys

3. Oversized, plaid blanket: for cold winter nights

plaid blanket

4. Hedgehog Cookie Jar: let’s be honest, we need someplace for all those cookies, it might as well be adorable!


5. Ticket to Ride: we all need games for parties, and on the nights there’s just nothing to watch.

ticket to ride.jpg

6. Elephant Tray: decorative, and cute!

elephant tray

7. Bottle Wine Rack: we all have wino’s in our lives!

wine rack

8. Candle Warmer: for those who don’t like a normal candle

candle warmer

9. Stag Head: to add some edge to their decor

stag head

10. Wall Photo frame: to help start their gallery wall

wall frame

Mood Board: Office Edition//

My biggest dream of the future is owning my own residential, interior design company. With that comes a home office and I want it to inspire magic! As Chris and I look at apartments, we’re hoping for a two bedroom and some of that two bedroom with be my “office”. Although, most of the items I love below I cannot afford at the moment, this is what I really dream about my office looking like. Magic, right?

No gold! I know! But I have to give the silver lovers something to look at too! 


Style: Contemporary Eclectic

Colors: Creams, grays, dusty pink



gray rug




All Items found at West Elm.


Happy Friday! 13 More Days till Christmas! 


DIY Headboards//

So Chris and I need a headboard. My bed frame does not have one, and since I’m less than traditional in taste,  I’m not entirely sure I want to just buy a quilted, or wood headboard to attach. And I am just never going to be a fan of those wrought iron, old school frames. They remind me of my grandma.

I put together a list of my favorite DIY headboards along with the links. Some of these are so creative, but I’m all for creative and EASY! I’m currently leaning more towards an awesome tapestry of some sort, but you never know!

If you have ideas, let me have em’!

  1. Tapestries

Pro’s: Add color, depth, design and dimension behind your bed, easy to hang

Con’s: They’re cloth, make sure you place it so your bed or pillows are pulling on it while you sleep or use your bed


2. Tufted Headboards

Pro’s: Add depth and accent to your bed decor, custom look for cheap

Con’s: Significant amount of work, many tools needed, risk of messing up



3. Planks Walls

Pro’s: Accent behind the bed, appears to be a headboard, adds color

Con’s: Can’t move bed if you want to rearrange, would have to re-do wall if you want to change looks, larger project


4. Window Headboard

Pro’s: Unique, adds wall design but keeps it simple, can paint or design on the windows

Con’s: Hard to find, must be properly mounted, can be heavy


5. Macrame Woven Wall Art

Pro’s: Add’s depth, unique, can use different colors and patterns

Con’s: Hang high so it won’t be pulled, won’t go with all styles




Bedroom Dreamin’//

Last week I posted a mood board with ideas for our soon-to-be living room. As I finished up our registry last week I found myself switching and planning even more for all our rooms, especially our bedroom. I think having a comfortable haven as a bedroom is so key to relaxation and comfort.

So, with that being said, here are my many ideas and loves for our bedroom look. Chris is thankful as well since our bedroom is more neutral and masculine rather than paisley, and girly! 😉

Enjoy these ideas, and make the most of your day!




tribal rug




Most items found at Target