Our Love Nest//

Yes, sometimes I refer to our bedroom as a love nest, no don’t get dirty with it people! We just love each other and it’s our bedroom! 😉

I love our sweet little bedroom, the decor turned out perfect and cozy. As I show you different parts I’ll explain what I would do if I could alter things more if we were in our own house instead of an apartment.


Our Bed Nest


Our bedding is the coziest duvet ever! In the winter we have a beautiful navy and white geo pattern duvet cover, but it’s very thick! I found this neutral, tan duvet at Target for $30 bucks! So glad I didn’t have to spend too much, especially because it’s ruined at this point from new puppies nails. 

Sorry for the blur of a photo. blah. Our rug(target) is a cream and terracota color. A great accent color with the golds, creams, and navy! 

The Headboard


Our beautiful headboard was a gift from my sister-in-law Amy. She is so stinking talented! And thank goodness for father that know how to mount heavy objects, something I’m learning! It was the perfect statement piece for above the bed with the arrow theme. The Mr. & Mrs. signs were on our chairs at our wedding. I love having pieces of the perfect day surrounding us. 

Headboards don’t necessarily have to be connected to the bed. It can be a unique statement piece like this, tapestries, artwork, or a normal headboard. Get crazy with the idea! 

If this was our own place I would have added a plank wall behind our bed. It’s a great way to add texture to a room and color if you’re keeping a more neutral tone. The gold would really stand out.

The Wall Decor



I wanted pieces that represent the us starting our own story together as we move into our first place. This is the start of many wonderful years together and of course it’s my favorite love story. Then I found other pieces with gold accents to add in and a few wooden pieces for texture and a darker color on the walls. 

The Other Wall


The “other”, opposite wall, has my beautiful family antique dresser, a industrial style shelving unit, and a wall hanger for all my jewelry and workout hats.

If this was our own place I’d paint the rest of the walls a beige/tan color. I’d even consider on this wall or the window wall adding a pattern with the beige and navy for something fun.


The Details

IMG_0722   IMG_0751



My favorite part of our bedroom is the succulent accents. I love a splash of greenery and life everywhere. And, of course the vase of all the extra dino’s is the best. Reminds me everyday of what a great day that was! 

If I could, I’d buy us a matching bedroom set. Something modern with a rustic edge. I’d also add a reading corner with a comfy, distressed brown leather chair underneath the modern white floor lamp we have in the corner. There’s so much more I’d do to make this room SO cozy, but for now I enjoy it’s sweet love as it is. 


Our Living Room//

So throughout Facebook I’ve shared bits and pieces of our living room. It’s fun to share the different elements that make it our own.

So here is the entire living room, each wall and piece.

Within, I’ll go through the different things I would change and add if this was a home, not an apartment. Being limited can sometimes be annoying, but for the most part it looks like I wanted!



Rug: Urban Outfitters

Coffee Table: Hobby Lobby

Couch: Value City

Pillows: Ikea & Target

Ideally, I would love for the couch to be planted against the wall, but due to the layout and where our cable jacks were the couch makes a makeshift wall for the living room. I usually like a more open concept, but such is life in an apartment! 


*See previous blog post for all the details on our simple gallery wall*


For some reason, I’ve been unable to upload the full picture of our music corner, so check out my Facebook for that photo! 

Record Player: Urban Outfitters

Pillows: Target

Accent Blanket: Anthropologie

Basket: Target, Nate Berkus collection

This little corner rests on a family trunk from my great grandfather. It’s cozy and warm and spices up the random living room corner perfectly. 



The media corner features our dino decor! 

Media/TV Stand: Vintage shop

Dino Pallet Wall Decor: Hobby Lobby

Gold Lantern: Target

Vases and Candles: Hobby Lobby

Gold Runner: Etsy 

Dino Head Handles: Hobby Lobby


Industrial Shelving Unit: Ikea

Wedding Guest Book Globe; Hobby Lobby

Wall Decor: Hobby Lobby

The rest on our shelf are a mixture of wedding decorations, our many records, and books.


Of course I wanted to add the cute photo of our pups, plus it shows off the rug even more!

Now onto the real question, What would I change if this was our home?

  1. Change the carpet to hardwood floors. I want a home with lots of character
  2. The main wall would most likely be painted an accent navy, instead of using the decals
  3. Overhead lanterns instead of globe lights
  4. The neutral paint tone with be a light beige or tan instead of stark, bland apartment white
  5. Get rid of the gross apartment slider blinds. I kept these hidden in pictures, but instead of blinds I’d use light, airy curtains.

Stay tuned for the next room display! Our sweet little master bedroom is easily the next one I want to shine! 


Tuesday Sneak Peak//The Living Room

Hey y’all! So this week I will be posting snip its of our living room. It came together exactly how I wanted, and it’s such a cozy place for us to put our feet up after a long day.

I’ve posted the photos on social media, but let me tell you my brain process on here.



This gallery look is on our main wall. It centers on the wall with some shelves to the left in the corner and then our TV unit to the right. I love the blend of items on our wall as the focal point. The photos are a mix of wedding and honeymoon, our favorite things to look back on right now. 

The sunburst mirror was a random sale purchase on day at Hobby Lobby. It’s such a great statement mirror and went along with the natural and gold color scheme I have with the navy and mauve.

The “M” I also found at Hobby Lobby on sale! $7 bucks people! I bought that 5 months before we even got married, never skip a great deal if know you’ll end up using it!

The arrow, Hobby Lobby, full price, but still only $15 bucks or so and the stag/deer head was a Christmas gift(that I picked out!) That stag head I love because it brings in a nature feel. I grew up in a house with hunters, so it feels like home to me. Someday I’m hoping I get a real one! 

Last, those decals! I found them on etsy! They’re completely removable and so easy to stick up. It took me 30 minutes one night to do the entire wall! 


Stay tuned for the rest of the room throughout the week! 


Blue + Blush//

I hope everyone had a terrific 4th of July weekend! Although the weather wasn’t so great, we still had a great time with family.

I wanted to stick alongside the wedding trend I have going right now and show off the newest color trend I’m seeing. A lot of people are going for a more neutral palette, but when it comes to those keeping some color, the blue and blush trend is making statements. It also goes along with the 2016 Pantone colors of the year which were Rose Quartz, and Serenity which are fancy names for a rose colored pink and a light blue.

Let’s take a look at the colors within the different wedding style and design schemes, shall we? 



The Boho Trend

I love the casual element of a boho look for a wedding. Maybe it’s just my personal preference of wanting to feel more casual and comfortable at a wedding, rather than going to something so fancy, that my dress costs more than what my own bridesmaids paid for their dresses. The best part about these colors and a sprinkle of bohemian is succulents. The succulent is the perfect way to make flowers more casual.

succ I just love how subtle that light blue(serenity) and blush blend together. So romantic. 

The best part of this trend is the popular trend of the blush colored wedding dress. It’s so subtly sweet and whimsical. 

Don’t forget, just because it’s casual and outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t add some sparkle! Love this blush, sequined table runner with the gold metals. 

Blush and Blue Tie Affair

The best thing about these colors is that their so versatile with the style you’re going for. Although the colors are more subtle than a very formal, black tie type wedding. You can definitely dress them up if you’re wanting something more upscale, and fancy.

fancy table

The china, the single rose, the menu.. I’m swooning! 

Beautiful blue and blush combo for a formal affair

The blue can be matching, or you can mix and match. I love the left photo with the what we can assume is the Maid of Honor in a glittery serenity color. Beautiful formal sparkle along with the rest of the girls. 

The brushed metallic look is perfect for a more formal wedding cake. Also, note for a more formal setting, roses help “class up” any look. Another great formal flower, especially for late spring and summer is the Peony. 

Blush, Blue and the Beach

Last, let’s take a look at our colors in a beach setting. Their perfectly whimsical for such a casual, open air affair!

When it comes to the beach you don’t have to do much with such beautiful scenery surrounding. A beautiful whimsical alter, some bouquets thrown here and there and you’re done! 

The best part about a beach wedding is the wedding dress. You can get so unique with it! The beautiful beading. Crop tops, macrame, crochet, lace; the list could go on. Find something that blows in the wind and goes with flowers in your hair and you’re set. 

Flower crowns for bridesmaid are obviously a must. Their dresses should be just as “flowy” as yours too! The pictures with them blowing in the wind will be some of your favorites. As far as flowers go, stay natural. Lot’s of greens with succulents for the blue and maybe some lightly blushed creams or whites. 

Keep it simple. Keep it nature oriented. Have wood accents. This is the only type of wedding, besides a forest theme, that you can get away with using sticks or driftwood. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Blue and Blush color scheme as well as all the different ways it can be styled. I use to think blush was so overrated, but after seeing these I think my mind has changed!