Tuesday Sneak Peak//The Living Room

Hey y’all! So this week I will be posting snip its of our living room. It came together exactly how I wanted, and it’s such a cozy place for us to put our feet up after a long day.

I’ve posted the photos on social media, but let me tell you my brain process on here.



This gallery look is on our main wall. It centers on the wall with some shelves to the left in the corner and then our TV unit to the right. I love the blend of items on our wall as the focal point. The photos are a mix of wedding and honeymoon, our favorite things to look back on right now. 

The sunburst mirror was a random sale purchase on day at Hobby Lobby. It’s such a great statement mirror and went along with the natural and gold color scheme I have with the navy and mauve.

The “M” I also found at Hobby Lobby on sale! $7 bucks people! I bought that 5 months before we even got married, never skip a great deal if know you’ll end up using it!

The arrow, Hobby Lobby, full price, but still only $15 bucks or so and the stag/deer head was a Christmas gift(that I picked out!) That stag head I love because it brings in a nature feel. I grew up in a house with hunters, so it feels like home to me. Someday I’m hoping I get a real one! 

Last, those decals! I found them on etsy! They’re completely removable and so easy to stick up. It took me 30 minutes one night to do the entire wall! 


Stay tuned for the rest of the room throughout the week! 


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