Our Love Nest//

Yes, sometimes I refer to our bedroom as a love nest, no don’t get dirty with it people! We just love each other and it’s our bedroom! 😉

I love our sweet little bedroom, the decor turned out perfect and cozy. As I show you different parts I’ll explain what I would do if I could alter things more if we were in our own house instead of an apartment.


Our Bed Nest


Our bedding is the coziest duvet ever! In the winter we have a beautiful navy and white geo pattern duvet cover, but it’s very thick! I found this neutral, tan duvet at Target for $30 bucks! So glad I didn’t have to spend too much, especially because it’s ruined at this point from new puppies nails. 

Sorry for the blur of a photo. blah. Our rug(target) is a cream and terracota color. A great accent color with the golds, creams, and navy! 

The Headboard


Our beautiful headboard was a gift from my sister-in-law Amy. She is so stinking talented! And thank goodness for father that know how to mount heavy objects, something I’m learning! It was the perfect statement piece for above the bed with the arrow theme. The Mr. & Mrs. signs were on our chairs at our wedding. I love having pieces of the perfect day surrounding us. 

Headboards don’t necessarily have to be connected to the bed. It can be a unique statement piece like this, tapestries, artwork, or a normal headboard. Get crazy with the idea! 

If this was our own place I would have added a plank wall behind our bed. It’s a great way to add texture to a room and color if you’re keeping a more neutral tone. The gold would really stand out.

The Wall Decor



I wanted pieces that represent the us starting our own story together as we move into our first place. This is the start of many wonderful years together and of course it’s my favorite love story. Then I found other pieces with gold accents to add in and a few wooden pieces for texture and a darker color on the walls. 

The Other Wall


The “other”, opposite wall, has my beautiful family antique dresser, a industrial style shelving unit, and a wall hanger for all my jewelry and workout hats.

If this was our own place I’d paint the rest of the walls a beige/tan color. I’d even consider on this wall or the window wall adding a pattern with the beige and navy for something fun.


The Details

IMG_0722   IMG_0751



My favorite part of our bedroom is the succulent accents. I love a splash of greenery and life everywhere. And, of course the vase of all the extra dino’s is the best. Reminds me everyday of what a great day that was! 

If I could, I’d buy us a matching bedroom set. Something modern with a rustic edge. I’d also add a reading corner with a comfy, distressed brown leather chair underneath the modern white floor lamp we have in the corner. There’s so much more I’d do to make this room SO cozy, but for now I enjoy it’s sweet love as it is.