Blue + Blush//

I hope everyone had a terrific 4th of July weekend! Although the weather wasn’t so great, we still had a great time with family.

I wanted to stick alongside the wedding trend I have going right now and show off the newest color trend I’m seeing. A lot of people are going for a more neutral palette, but when it comes to those keeping some color, the blue and blush trend is making statements. It also goes along with the 2016 Pantone colors of the year which were Rose Quartz, and Serenity which are fancy names for a rose colored pink and a light blue.

Let’s take a look at the colors within the different wedding style and design schemes, shall we? 



The Boho Trend

I love the casual element of a boho look for a wedding. Maybe it’s just my personal preference of wanting to feel more casual and comfortable at a wedding, rather than going to something so fancy, that my dress costs more than what my own bridesmaids paid for their dresses. The best part about these colors and a sprinkle of bohemian is succulents. The succulent is the perfect way to make flowers more casual.

succ I just love how subtle that light blue(serenity) and blush blend together. So romantic. 

The best part of this trend is the popular trend of the blush colored wedding dress. It’s so subtly sweet and whimsical. 

Don’t forget, just because it’s casual and outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t add some sparkle! Love this blush, sequined table runner with the gold metals. 

Blush and Blue Tie Affair

The best thing about these colors is that their so versatile with the style you’re going for. Although the colors are more subtle than a very formal, black tie type wedding. You can definitely dress them up if you’re wanting something more upscale, and fancy.

fancy table

The china, the single rose, the menu.. I’m swooning! 

Beautiful blue and blush combo for a formal affair

The blue can be matching, or you can mix and match. I love the left photo with the what we can assume is the Maid of Honor in a glittery serenity color. Beautiful formal sparkle along with the rest of the girls. 

The brushed metallic look is perfect for a more formal wedding cake. Also, note for a more formal setting, roses help “class up” any look. Another great formal flower, especially for late spring and summer is the Peony. 

Blush, Blue and the Beach

Last, let’s take a look at our colors in a beach setting. Their perfectly whimsical for such a casual, open air affair!

When it comes to the beach you don’t have to do much with such beautiful scenery surrounding. A beautiful whimsical alter, some bouquets thrown here and there and you’re done! 

The best part about a beach wedding is the wedding dress. You can get so unique with it! The beautiful beading. Crop tops, macrame, crochet, lace; the list could go on. Find something that blows in the wind and goes with flowers in your hair and you’re set. 

Flower crowns for bridesmaid are obviously a must. Their dresses should be just as “flowy” as yours too! The pictures with them blowing in the wind will be some of your favorites. As far as flowers go, stay natural. Lot’s of greens with succulents for the blue and maybe some lightly blushed creams or whites. 

Keep it simple. Keep it nature oriented. Have wood accents. This is the only type of wedding, besides a forest theme, that you can get away with using sticks or driftwood. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Blue and Blush color scheme as well as all the different ways it can be styled. I use to think blush was so overrated, but after seeing these I think my mind has changed!