Tips for an Inviting Entryway//

Entry ways are the first thing people experience when entering your home, whether that be a house or apartment, you want to make it feel inviting with their first step.

Now with homes, you more than likely will have more to work with, but apartment entry ways can be crowded and tricky. Overall, the goal is to make it feel clean and open for everyone. 

Here are my ideas: 

  1. Keep it clean

Obviously you’re living in the house day in and day out, so we have a tendency to just throw our shoes off so we can get relaxed, but for the days you know you’ll have visitors make sure you have storage and organization to make your entry space not over crowded with shoes and junk from the every day. They don’t want to be stepping over your mess as they say hello! 


2. Make it Inviting

People don’t want to walk into your home’s entryway with a view of cold walls and dullness. You want the entry way to feel warm, like it’s almost saying hello for you(I know cheesy). It’s the first statement of your home though! Make it say hello, literally with these cute signs!


3. Add your personality and style

Your entryway is the first piece of you people get to experience when they come into your home. If you have a specific style you’re going for, start it there. You can easily make something functional and trendy all at the same time. Don’t be afraid to be creative and embrace you. Here are my favorites to replicate currently….


I’d love to see some of your entryways- email me for ideas if you’d like!