Interior Gift Guide//

As Christmas comes days and days closer, I’m sure some of you are scurrying to find the perfect gift for loved ones, teachers, coworkers, the neighbors, etc, etc, etc.  I know! Too many!

Here is a simple list of the top ten interior gifts you can grab all at Target to spread some warmth and cheer and not break the budget! Enjoy!


  1. 25: Adele’s New album, perfect for a music lover


2. Nate Berkus Candle: providing warmth of candle light, and a soothing scent

nate berkys

3. Oversized, plaid blanket: for cold winter nights

plaid blanket

4. Hedgehog Cookie Jar: let’s be honest, we need someplace for all those cookies, it might as well be adorable!


5. Ticket to Ride: we all need games for parties, and on the nights there’s just nothing to watch.

ticket to ride.jpg

6. Elephant Tray: decorative, and cute!

elephant tray

7. Bottle Wine Rack: we all have wino’s in our lives!

wine rack

8. Candle Warmer: for those who don’t like a normal candle

candle warmer

9. Stag Head: to add some edge to their decor

stag head

10. Wall Photo frame: to help start their gallery wall

wall frame