Our Living Room//

So throughout Facebook I’ve shared bits and pieces of our living room. It’s fun to share the different elements that make it our own.

So here is the entire living room, each wall and piece.

Within, I’ll go through the different things I would change and add if this was a home, not an apartment. Being limited can sometimes be annoying, but for the most part it looks like I wanted!



Rug: Urban Outfitters

Coffee Table: Hobby Lobby

Couch: Value City

Pillows: Ikea & Target

Ideally, I would love for the couch to be planted against the wall, but due to the layout and where our cable jacks were the couch makes a makeshift wall for the living room. I usually like a more open concept, but such is life in an apartment! 


*See previous blog post for all the details on our simple gallery wall*


For some reason, I’ve been unable to upload the full picture of our music corner, so check out my Facebook for that photo! 

Record Player: Urban Outfitters

Pillows: Target

Accent Blanket: Anthropologie

Basket: Target, Nate Berkus collection

This little corner rests on a family trunk from my great grandfather. It’s cozy and warm and spices up the random living room corner perfectly. 



The media corner features our dino decor! 

Media/TV Stand: Vintage shop

Dino Pallet Wall Decor: Hobby Lobby

Gold Lantern: Target

Vases and Candles: Hobby Lobby

Gold Runner: Etsy 

Dino Head Handles: Hobby Lobby


Industrial Shelving Unit: Ikea

Wedding Guest Book Globe; Hobby Lobby

Wall Decor: Hobby Lobby

The rest on our shelf are a mixture of wedding decorations, our many records, and books.


Of course I wanted to add the cute photo of our pups, plus it shows off the rug even more!

Now onto the real question, What would I change if this was our home?

  1. Change the carpet to hardwood floors. I want a home with lots of character
  2. The main wall would most likely be painted an accent navy, instead of using the decals
  3. Overhead lanterns instead of globe lights
  4. The neutral paint tone with be a light beige or tan instead of stark, bland apartment white
  5. Get rid of the gross apartment slider blinds. I kept these hidden in pictures, but instead of blinds I’d use light, airy curtains.

Stay tuned for the next room display! Our sweet little master bedroom is easily the next one I want to shine!