My Bright & Shiny Kitchen//

Hey Guys! I’m back! Seriously, from this point on I’ll be making an effort to blog regularly and I’m so excited about it!

Since I got married and our loved one’s were so generous I am finally able to complete different rooms in the house, and I thought I’d start with our kitchen/dining area.

*Please note, I cannot control wall colors, cabinets, or carpeting! We live in an apartment*

Color Scheme:

  • Mint, Coral, Navy and Gold

My Favorite Pieces:

  • Open Shelving Unit
  • Mint Kitchen Aid Mixer
  • Mismatched colored chairs
  • Window Succulents

Let me introduce you to my kitchen/dining area…

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


  1. The Table

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The Details:

  • Gold arrow table runner adds texture and bright color against the wood
  • A dried bouquet from our wedding adds a pop of another bold color with the purple
  • Those straws are adding fun flair for guests and us!
  • I LOVE my mismatched chairs- they’re rough and scratched up and just perfect!


2. Open Shelving Unit

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The Details: 

  • Gold spray painted shelving
  • Family China to add some history and blue along with our white plates
  • That mint colored mixer!!
  • The top shelf includes some old pyrex and recipe books from my sweet grandmother
  • I just LOVE open shelving! It adds so much to a room, but obviously keep it organized!


3. Everyday Station

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The Details: 

  • Gold rimmed chalkboard(from our wedding) helps us keep organized
  • I love the little touch of a bar cart, and it helps us keep our life together


4. Decor, Decor

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The Details:

  • Extra Shelving, gold painted mugs
  • Coral curtains
  • SUCCULENTS- I love them live plants and I still haven’t killed them!


Hope you’ve enjoyed my kitchen/dining area, I’ve loved how it’s come together!


Tips for an Inviting Entryway//

Entry ways are the first thing people experience when entering your home, whether that be a house or apartment, you want to make it feel inviting with their first step.

Now with homes, you more than likely will have more to work with, but apartment entry ways can be crowded and tricky. Overall, the goal is to make it feel clean and open for everyone. 

Here are my ideas: 

  1. Keep it clean

Obviously you’re living in the house day in and day out, so we have a tendency to just throw our shoes off so we can get relaxed, but for the days you know you’ll have visitors make sure you have storage and organization to make your entry space not over crowded with shoes and junk from the every day. They don’t want to be stepping over your mess as they say hello! 


2. Make it Inviting

People don’t want to walk into your home’s entryway with a view of cold walls and dullness. You want the entry way to feel warm, like it’s almost saying hello for you(I know cheesy). It’s the first statement of your home though! Make it say hello, literally with these cute signs!


3. Add your personality and style

Your entryway is the first piece of you people get to experience when they come into your home. If you have a specific style you’re going for, start it there. You can easily make something functional and trendy all at the same time. Don’t be afraid to be creative and embrace you. Here are my favorites to replicate currently….


I’d love to see some of your entryways- email me for ideas if you’d like!




For the Bookworms//

TGIT all you Shonda Rhimes lovers, and tomorrow’s Friday! I can’t believe this week is almost done! I’ve been slackin’ y’all, but school, work, life, etc. gets in the way sometimes. We all know how it is!

As the cold comes rolling in, I find myself hunkered down more and more. I love being snuggled up with a book I can’t keep down, the problem is, I also don’t like getting rid of my books. I might be a book hoarder. I’m not very generous when it comes to sharing either. Usually borrowers never return, and there are several books to near to my heart that I want to re-read! The challenge for me is figuring out how to store these so they’re not in piles or in large bulky shelving units.

These are some of the creative ways I’ve seen used for book storage. Check them out! 

  1. Stairwell Storage

stairs stairss stairsss

2. Book Nooks

nook nooks nookss

3. Wrap Around Shelving

  • This is a great idea for basements or an office for book storage! 

high highs highss

4. Libraries

  • This option is obviously a luxury more than a practical, but if you have an extra room and you love books that much, go for it girl! This could even be done in your home office, but be careful not to make it too comfy if work needs to be done!

library libraryy libraryyy

5 Tips for a Minimalist, Organized Home//

Hey Y’all! Happy Friday! 

As the “minimalist” look becomes more popular, the more I love it. I love the feeling of less is more. We don’t need that much stuff people, seriously, throw stuff out! 

So, here are my top 5 tips and ideas on how to be organized with a minimalist style. I also just love the look that some of these can add to the home! Now, let’s hope we can all keep it this organized! 

  1. Open closets

I personally love this because it makes you keep your clothes organized. It also helps you really see what you never wear so you can de-clutter and get rid of that shizzzz. 

open closet open closett oepn closet

2. Towel Racks = Shoe Racks

This pairs somewhat with your closet, but how many of us have a million shoes all jumbled together at the bottom of our closet? I know it’s not just me! I bet if I organized those two things would happen. One, I’d find shoes I never knew I had, and two I’d realize the shoes that never left that floor. Suggestion- grab some trendy towel racks or curtain rods and hang those up! 

towel rack shoes towel racj shoes

3. Open Shelving

I know, I know, again with the open shelving! I swear guys it’s going to keep you organized! Who’s just going to throw things every where if that mess can’t be concealed? Whether it’s books and office supplies, dishes, or towels open shelving not only organizes you, but also helps easily decorate! 

open shelvingg open shelvinggg

4. Clear your counters and tables

The kitchen can tend to get a little over-cluttered if we’re not careful.  Items you don’t use daily, put in your cabinets and hide them away. The cleaner the counters, the more organized, and the more room for cooking! When it comes to end tables and coffee tables, the less the better. A coffee table book, a small plant, or a simple tray with a candle or two is all you really need to display.

cabinet storage cabinet storage1 coffee table

5. Boxes and Baskets

I think the toughest way to live as a minimalist is when you have children. Those toys, crayons, and lego’s get just about everywhere. And shoving them in corners or clunky toy chests just seems to clutter a room. I know for my fiance and me, we have more movies than one couple should own, and stacking them or placing them on a shelf is just going to be a giant mess. We will be neatly organizing those in lovely, clean boxes. 

baskets boxes boxxes

Cheers to the weekend!