Tuesday Sneak Peak//The Living Room

Hey y’all! So this week I will be posting snip its of our living room. It came together exactly how I wanted, and it’s such a cozy place for us to put our feet up after a long day.

I’ve posted the photos on social media, but let me tell you my brain process on here.



This gallery look is on our main wall. It centers on the wall with some shelves to the left in the corner and then our TV unit to the right. I love the blend of items on our wall as the focal point. The photos are a mix of wedding and honeymoon, our favorite things to look back on right now. 

The sunburst mirror was a random sale purchase on day at Hobby Lobby. It’s such a great statement mirror and went along with the natural and gold color scheme I have with the navy and mauve.

The “M” I also found at Hobby Lobby on sale! $7 bucks people! I bought that 5 months before we even got married, never skip a great deal if know you’ll end up using it!

The arrow, Hobby Lobby, full price, but still only $15 bucks or so and the stag/deer head was a Christmas gift(that I picked out!) That stag head I love because it brings in a nature feel. I grew up in a house with hunters, so it feels like home to me. Someday I’m hoping I get a real one! 

Last, those decals! I found them on etsy! They’re completely removable and so easy to stick up. It took me 30 minutes one night to do the entire wall! 


Stay tuned for the rest of the room throughout the week! 


Blue + Blush//

I hope everyone had a terrific 4th of July weekend! Although the weather wasn’t so great, we still had a great time with family.

I wanted to stick alongside the wedding trend I have going right now and show off the newest color trend I’m seeing. A lot of people are going for a more neutral palette, but when it comes to those keeping some color, the blue and blush trend is making statements. It also goes along with the 2016 Pantone colors of the year which were Rose Quartz, and Serenity which are fancy names for a rose colored pink and a light blue.

Let’s take a look at the colors within the different wedding style and design schemes, shall we? 



The Boho Trend

I love the casual element of a boho look for a wedding. Maybe it’s just my personal preference of wanting to feel more casual and comfortable at a wedding, rather than going to something so fancy, that my dress costs more than what my own bridesmaids paid for their dresses. The best part about these colors and a sprinkle of bohemian is succulents. The succulent is the perfect way to make flowers more casual.

succ I just love how subtle that light blue(serenity) and blush blend together. So romantic. 

The best part of this trend is the popular trend of the blush colored wedding dress. It’s so subtly sweet and whimsical. 

Don’t forget, just because it’s casual and outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t add some sparkle! Love this blush, sequined table runner with the gold metals. 

Blush and Blue Tie Affair

The best thing about these colors is that their so versatile with the style you’re going for. Although the colors are more subtle than a very formal, black tie type wedding. You can definitely dress them up if you’re wanting something more upscale, and fancy.

fancy table

The china, the single rose, the menu.. I’m swooning! 

Beautiful blue and blush combo for a formal affair

The blue can be matching, or you can mix and match. I love the left photo with the what we can assume is the Maid of Honor in a glittery serenity color. Beautiful formal sparkle along with the rest of the girls. 

The brushed metallic look is perfect for a more formal wedding cake. Also, note for a more formal setting, roses help “class up” any look. Another great formal flower, especially for late spring and summer is the Peony. 

Blush, Blue and the Beach

Last, let’s take a look at our colors in a beach setting. Their perfectly whimsical for such a casual, open air affair!

When it comes to the beach you don’t have to do much with such beautiful scenery surrounding. A beautiful whimsical alter, some bouquets thrown here and there and you’re done! 

The best part about a beach wedding is the wedding dress. You can get so unique with it! The beautiful beading. Crop tops, macrame, crochet, lace; the list could go on. Find something that blows in the wind and goes with flowers in your hair and you’re set. 

Flower crowns for bridesmaid are obviously a must. Their dresses should be just as “flowy” as yours too! The pictures with them blowing in the wind will be some of your favorites. As far as flowers go, stay natural. Lot’s of greens with succulents for the blue and maybe some lightly blushed creams or whites. 

Keep it simple. Keep it nature oriented. Have wood accents. This is the only type of wedding, besides a forest theme, that you can get away with using sticks or driftwood. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Blue and Blush color scheme as well as all the different ways it can be styled. I use to think blush was so overrated, but after seeing these I think my mind has changed!


Wedding Trends of 2016//

Hey readers and fellow bloggers! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful week, I love the perfect sunny days and cooler temperatures, I could be outside all day, every day!

So I was approached to write a blog on the biggest 2016 Wedding Trends I’m seeing this season and loved that idea! I still indulge in finding all things wedding and what beautiful things people are doing this summer and fall. Wedding’s should be the perfect expression of you and your man’s personalities, and your love together.

I’ve gotta say, I am LOVING the new trends popping up. I wish I could throw a vow renewal already just so I could use them. So you’re all invited to our 6 month vow renewal/I just wanted to throw another beautiful wedding party. HA! I wish!

So let’s get started ladies, here’s all things 2016…

Greenery is the New Flower

This is one of my FAVORITE new trends. This greenery look is usually paired with a very nude color scheme of creams or whites, and green everything! These types of weddings, done right can make the guests feel like they’re in a different time. It’s whimsical, and magical. Sweet, and subtle, but luscious at the same time.


This table scheme is the perfect example of this trend done right. The gold silverware accents, succulent place card holders, and candles scattered throughout creates the perfect fairytale setting for new love and marriage. 

Here are a few more pictures I found that show the beauty:


Wedding Cakes Meet Metallics

The hottest wedding cake trend last season was the naked cake, and with the right type of wedding it’s still hot! I think they’re still perfect for outdoor weddings, but I CANNOT get over this new metallic trend! These cakes are so beautiful that I almost don’t want to eat them. HA! Just kidding, wedding cake is one of my favorite things on earth!

Just check out these different colors, and styles…


What’s my favorite part about this trend you ask?! The creativity! All these cakes are SO different and you can tell they match all different types of wedding personalities. The last one’s my fave, best boho wedding cake I’ve ever seen! 

When Sparkles and Neutrals Come Together

The last trend I feel everyone needs to know about is the combination of sparkle everything with a very nude, neutral pallet. I had bits of this scattered through my own wedding. I love the neutral white table cloths with bursts of sparkle within the vases, plates, and flowers. The best part of this trend, in my opinion, is the bridesmaid’s dresses! SEQUIN EVERYTHING! Paired with their nude flowers, it’s a photographer’s dream!

bridesmaidssparkletablewedding party

Most of the time with this trend you’ll see the more nude color scheme with creams, light tans, or whites, but I love this last picture with the girls in a very light blush. If you want a bit more color that’s the perfect way to go! With the white roses, it’s the perfect pair! 

Also, Ladies, Check out this great website for all your wedding invitation needs! 

I hope you all enjoyed the trends and day dreaming! Even the married women I know can love on these looks!



Wedding Design//

I hope everyone is enjoying their memorial day weekend! I spent my afternoon boating with the parents and trying to soak in as much rays as possible. Our family lives for summer sunshine and long days on the water!

This week has been an absolute blast as we re-live our wedding through all our pictures. Our very talented photographer, Arielle Peters, also happens to be my very sweet cousin-in-law and we were incredibly blessed to have such talent for our special day! Seriously, if you want her info let me know, she’s the best, in my very biased opinion!

One thing I’ve been wanting to do since the planning of our wedding is see how all my decor ideas and visions finally came together for the big day, and honestly it was EXACTLY how I saw it in my head! It’s always great when that happens isn’t it? Today I wanted to show off the elements I used!

Side Note: If anyone is interested in hiring me to help with a wedding coming up- Contact me! I would love to build my portfolio and help anyone that finds designing the challenging part. 

So here’s the 411 on all the wedding decor:

Colors: Shades of mint, gold, white, purple, hot pink

Theme: Bohemian, eclectic glam

Flowers: White Ranaculas, hot pink carnations, purple misty, babys breath, potted succulents, and fresh lilac

When I first started planning out our wedding decor I knew I wanted gold and bright colors. It was going to be spring so I knew I wanted to nice soft spring color for the girls dresses, and aqua/mint just happens to be my favorite color, so that was an easy pick! Then I simply picked complementary colors to match those two.

One of my suggestions would be not to solidify your complementary colors until you go look at flowers. I wasn’t planning on having any purple flowers in our wedding and then fell in love with these beautiful wildflowers that were all purple, so that got added! And by the way it adds to the bouquets and table arrangements I say it was the best decision I made for the decor. So don’t get hung up on the dreams in your head, because something better could come along!

Alright now the details…

  1. The Guest Tables

I knew I wanted a long farmhouse table look, with the vases scattered through out the middle lining the entire length. Once I picked white tablecloths, using the gold accent of a table runner was a no brainer to add color, but not too much. It was the perfect subtle accent.

Most of the vases I used were bought at Hobby Lobby on half off weeks, or dollar tree and spray painted. The pots for the tiny succulents were a Hobby Lobby purchase and we simply painted them gold with brushes. Spray paint was bought in bulk for these projects, but it was worth it! Lastly, the dinos! My favorite part and all because of my cute, nerdy husbands love for them. I found bags of 250 dino’s through a teacher magazine of my moms, we ordered two bags and simply spray painted them gold!

For the place settings, I was able to borrow china from a family friend’s past wedding. They had all different versions of white plain dishes and silverware so each person had a different style, but I was still able to keep the simplicity of the white. Their name tag and wedding favor dinosaur sat on top as they arrived to their seat.


2. The Guestbook and Gifts Table

This table was really fun, because I had over time collected different wall art about starting our story together to add with our engagement pictures. I used vases that were also used on the guest tables, and also added some unique elements. Our guest book was a globe I found at Hobby Lobby. Chris and I love to travel, and we though it was the perfect piece we could use in our homes for, forever. Our cards were placed in between the spokes of a gold birdcage I also found at Hobby Lobby. My favorite part was the sparkling sequin table runner that added so much glam and color to the white linens.






3. The Cake Table

The cake table is near and dear to my heart. I found the cabinet at a little shop in Broad Ripple, Indianapolis with one of my bridesmaids. It was already painted mint, and heavy as sin, and I LOVED it! As planning went on, I knew we’d use it in our home and the mint didn’t match so I decided to bring in the navy since the guys would be wearing navy to accent the girl’s mint dresses. Then I got creative and added T-Rex heads as the door knobs. I threw on another sparkly table runner, and a cute little sparkle banner and it was perfect for our delicious naked cake!



4. The Ceremony Stage

At this point on Saturday afternoon my brain was fried from putting everything together. My girls helped me a lot when putting the stage together for the ceremony the next day. The special part of it is, a lot of it was family heirlooms. The chest, the little chair, and stool were all passed down on one side of my family. We added some sweet little doily’s and more of the glam gold and flowers and it was the PERFECT mix of what I was going for.



I hope you enjoyed relishing in the beauty that is a wedding. If I could just decorate weddings and homes all the time I think I’d be in heaven!

Anyone who would like help decorating their wedding, find my contact information on the contact page! I’d love to work with you!


What Does it Need?//

Happy Thursday designers! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for my extended weekend!

As I’m finishing up each room in our place I’m realizing that you always have those questions of, what else does the room need? Do you have those moments? You can’t put your finger on it, but it just needs something else? Well I’m here to help! Let me take you through some of the things I look for when I’m thinking my room needs something.


  1. Texture

I’m big on texture. I love fluffy pillows and blankets, wood-grained vases, and table runners. It’s amazing how a piece of cloth, fur, or something earthy can bring a lot to a room instantly.

2. Pattern

For the most part, I like neutral pallets, but I honestly do believe there’s such thing as too neutral. If you’re sticking with tan and creams, make sure you find neutral based decor with a pattern. The pattern adds depth and makes the color scheme seem to have more emphasis. I prefer to do a neutral pallet with some extra bold patterns either thrown into the room with a rug, a piece of wall art, or even painting the wall with a design.

3. Color

Now, since I do more neutrals to keep things light, and airy, I try to find one item to really add a pop to the room. I’m a HUGE lover of rugs. Top place I find them, Urban Outfitters Online. They have the BEST colorful, pattern-filled rugs. Another wonderful place is Anthropologie, but UO is usually more in my price range.  You can also do this with a statement piece of art, bold pillows on a neutral couch or bedspread, or again, paint an accent wall with your complimentary color.

4. Personalize

Last, add something personal. I love basing my rooms off something personal each time. My living room is just tons of arrows. I love arrows, the significance of their story, moving forward into greatness inspires me. Our bedroom, I have pieces of my grandmothers in jewelry, and mirrors with gold accents to go with the navy, and gold theme. Our guest room is very personal. It’s our travel room. We have a map marked with the places we’ve been together, wood statues of animals from trips and pictures to keep the memories alive. It doesn’t matter what it is, but a home ALWAYS feels put together when each room feels personal.


Hope this helps those of you stuck with the details!


My Bright & Shiny Kitchen//

Hey Guys! I’m back! Seriously, from this point on I’ll be making an effort to blog regularly and I’m so excited about it!

Since I got married and our loved one’s were so generous I am finally able to complete different rooms in the house, and I thought I’d start with our kitchen/dining area.

*Please note, I cannot control wall colors, cabinets, or carpeting! We live in an apartment*

Color Scheme:

  • Mint, Coral, Navy and Gold

My Favorite Pieces:

  • Open Shelving Unit
  • Mint Kitchen Aid Mixer
  • Mismatched colored chairs
  • Window Succulents

Let me introduce you to my kitchen/dining area…

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


  1. The Table

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The Details:

  • Gold arrow table runner adds texture and bright color against the wood
  • A dried bouquet from our wedding adds a pop of another bold color with the purple
  • Those straws are adding fun flair for guests and us!
  • I LOVE my mismatched chairs- they’re rough and scratched up and just perfect!


2. Open Shelving Unit

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


The Details: 

  • Gold spray painted shelving
  • Family China to add some history and blue along with our white plates
  • That mint colored mixer!!
  • The top shelf includes some old pyrex and recipe books from my sweet grandmother
  • I just LOVE open shelving! It adds so much to a room, but obviously keep it organized!


3. Everyday Station

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The Details: 

  • Gold rimmed chalkboard(from our wedding) helps us keep organized
  • I love the little touch of a bar cart, and it helps us keep our life together


4. Decor, Decor

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The Details:

  • Extra Shelving, gold painted mugs
  • Coral curtains
  • SUCCULENTS- I love them live plants and I still haven’t killed them!


Hope you’ve enjoyed my kitchen/dining area, I’ve loved how it’s come together!


Style Update//

Hey Guys!

I know I’ve been literally MIA for a while. That’s what happens when you move, start a new job and finish planning your wedding. BTW WE GET MARRIED IN 18 DAYS! Crazy! Crazy Exciting!

So, I thought I’d just update you on new styles and decor items at my two favorite decor stores, Target and Urban Outfitters. I added a few links to some things on the shop page as well for you all! There are some great new summer finds that I’m obsessed with at each place, and I know you will be too!

Enjoy- and happy shopping! 



  1.  Pineapple Themes  


Pineapple Bowl Set($24)  

Pineapple String Lights($20)

   Pineapple Candles($20)

Urban Outfitters know’s how to speak my design love language this summer season! My entire kitchen is already pineapple theme- How am I going to choose what to buy to add on!

The bowls are a perfect design add in when having company over, and those candles and string lights might just make your back porch area feel like a beach oasis!


2. Southwest/Bohemian Inspired Patio Collection

Patio Furniture, Target

Outdoor Pouf and Ceramic Tree Accent Table, Target

Wooden Planters, Target

Gold and Navy Decor, Target

I love this patio set! It’s got great furniture that’s comfortable to sit on, with such great decor to make it your own. There are several different pieces within this collection, these are just my favorite! I love those wooden planters, they really add to the boho look I tend to go for. Add in a rug as well and you’ve got a comfy place to sit all night long!

3. Summer Tapestries

stay home.jpeg

Stay Home Tapestry, UO

Window Valance Tapestry, OU

Create Gold Foil Tapestry, UO

Tapestries are a great way to add color to your walls and windows. They can act as statement pieces, be included in a gallery wall, or be used to fill that random hole you’ve had for a while. Summer is a great time to use them because they are usually overly colorful and have a more boho, fresh vibe to them!

Hope you all enjoy these sweet, summer time decor pieces! I know I have some shopping and updating to do for the season!